Copy. Paste. Help.

Once you’ve signed our petition, may we ask for one more favour? Get in touch with your local member of provincial parliament and let them know you want to see Ontario’s family-farm wineries taxed fairly – starting with this spring’s Ontario budget.

We need provincial politicians to realize just how serious this situation is.

And we need real action.

Not sure of who your MPP is? No problem. Click on this button to search by postal code.

Once you’ve got your MPP’s name and email, simply copy and paste the text of this letter into the body of an email:

Add your name at the bottom. Click send.

And you’re all set!

Keeping up the Pressure

The next couple of weeks are absolutely critical for many family-farm wineries. It’s make or break time. We would appreciate you keeping an eye out for opportunities to raise this issue with elected officials. Please also encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to do the same.


Our social media channels feature a number of items you can share with your networks. Feel free to tag key provincial figures like the premier, the finance and agriculture ministers, and your local MPP. Follow us today by clicking on the social icons below. Our voices are stronger together!

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