We make the Ontario VQA wines you love.

We urgently need your help to keep producing.

Ontario’s VQA wine and grape industry is made up of mostly small and medium businesses that have a big impact on our economy.

11,000+ direct & indirect jobs tied to 100% Ontario Wine

2.44 million+
cases of VQA wine sold

$2.4 billion+ economic impact

But Ontario’s 180 VQA wineries are being crushed by unfair taxes that are also costing you more.


Tax burden on local VQA wines because the government treats them the same as imports in the LCBO


Tax we are forced to pay (in addition to HST) on every bottle of VQA wine sold at the cellar door


Avg. total cost added to each bottle of VQA wine you buy because of government markups, levies and provincial taxes at the LCBO

More than half of small wineries are losing money, and over 1/3 of family farm wineries are at risk of temporary or permanent closure. That would hurt local economies and communities across the province.

No other wine region in the world treats its producers like Ontario does. We need help.

We need your help to secure tax fairness in this spring’s provincial budget.

Help us save rural jobs and protect Ontario family farms.

Join our movement:

Tax fairness can’t wait. Ontario’s craft wineries can’t wait. We need your support now.

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We will arrange for spokespeople and make it easy for you to tell this important story.

Contact Ontario Craft Wineries by email at info@ontariocraftwineries.ca today.

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